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Melantrich, Office building Prague

Refurbishment of listed building “Melantrich” at Václavské square Prague. The refurbishment is split into multiply phases.
Building permit DSP – 2018 - 2019
Executive documentation – 2019 – 2020
Construction 2019 -2020


ČSOB Bank branch TGM, Plzeň

Refurbishment of ČSOB branch at TGM square Plzeň (2 floors)
Building permit DSP – 2016 - 2017
Executive documentation DPP – 2017 – 2018
Construction 2017 -2018


ČSOB Bank branch Americká, Plzeň

Refurbishment of ČSOB branchat Americká street.
Building permit DSP – 2016 - 2017
Executive documentation DPP – 2017- 2018
Construction 2017-2019


Fitout retail unit, Cloudy Spa, Prague

Retail unit 200m2 in shopping center OC Eden
Architecture study - 2019
Executive documentation 2019
Construction - 2020


Shopping Center Lysá nad Labem

Stop shop center with 8 retail units and 4800m2 commercial space
Architecture study - 2019
Planning permit – 2019
Estimated investment 140 mil Kč


Fitout kancelářských prostor Waltrovka Mechanica, Prague

Office Fit out for Orkla a.s.
Executive documentation - 2020
Construction - 2020


River City Prague - Amazon Court

Administration building with commercial spaces
Cooperation with SHL Copenhagen and RFR Paris studios
Project 2005 - 2006
Realization 2007 - 2008


River City Prague - Nile House

Administration building with commercial spaces
Cooperation with KPF London and RFR Paris studios
Project and realization 2002 - 2006


Corso Karlin

Administration building - reconstruction and completion of old industrial buildidng
Prague 8, Křižíkova 37
Architectural design by R. Bofill - Barcelona
Project and realization 1999 - 2000
Awarded with Building of the Year 2001 Prize and Grand Prix of Architects Community Prize 2001


Financial office Prague 11 - Haje

Administration building
Project and realization 2008 - 2009


ČSOB Bank, Prague 4 - Pankrác

Construction of administration building as a part of multi functional area of new buildings
Honorable Mention in "Construction CAD Project of the year 1995" competition
Project and realization: 1994-1997


ČSOB Bank, Prague 1 - Na Poříčí

Reconstruction of LEGIOBANKA listed building designed by J.Gočár in 1922 in rondo cubism style
Project and realization 1992-1994
Awarded with Building of the Year 1995 Prize


Alpha House – Shiran Tower

Reconstruction of Skyscraper in Prague 6 Conversion from scientific institute into administration building
Project and realization 1997-1998


Komerční banka a.s. - Pardubice branch

Reconstruction of Anglobank listed building designed by J.Gočár
Project and realization 1992-1994


Reconstruction of the Czech Nation Bank Headquarters

Participation in consortium of planning studios for execution of realization documentation and author supervision
1997 - 1999.

Air Navigation Services of the Czech republic

Study of new area for air navigation services in Jeneč
Competition 2001

Crystal Karlín

Project of new administration building in Karlin, Prague
Architectural design by R. Bofill-Barcelona
Documentation for area management and building permit, 2001

Administration center Pankrác

Documentation for area management of set of administration buildings

Administratation building Stodůlky

Shape and volume study 2008

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